About Kenya Missions

Pastor Boniface Abanga

Senior Pastor, Church of the Living God

Pastor Boniface Abanga is senior pastor of the Church of the Living God in Migori Kenya launched in 2008, sponsored by the Church of the Living God in New Philadelphia, Ohio USA.

Pastor Boniface was born and raised near Migori, Kenya. He is married to Hilda and they have four children.

Pastor Boniface is an alumnus of Hands On Africa Seminary, which is an extension of Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary Florida, USA. He has a Bachelor’s Degree of Theology from Cape Town Baptist theological Seminary South Africa.

His passion is preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

Further the gospel of Jesus Christ in Kenya, Africa

Our Mission is to break the cycle of poverty in Kenya. We are helping to provide care, housing, and education for the orphaned and misfortunate children in the region.

We are also working to improve the living conditions and general health of the people of the community.

Our goal is to introduce Jesus Christ to the people of Kenya in Migori and areas called “the bush” (the rural hard to access areas) by setting up small extensions of the Church of the Living God Kenya.

The programs listed below are only a few of the improvements we are making in the lives of those less fortunate.

  • Clinic for accessible medical treatment
  • Orphanage for discarded children
  • Widows housing for homeless elderly
  • Evangelism and Crusades
  • School Ministry and Teacher Assistants
  • Music Ministry
  • Child Care and Feeding Programs
  • Hospital and Prison Ministries
  • Poverty Eradication Programs
  • Water and Sanitation Classes
  • Adult and Children’s Church
  • Leadership Training

How can you help?

  • Helping with a crusade
  • Teaching in the school of ministry
  • Helping with a conference
  • Providing for healthcare needs (doctors, nurses, etc.)
  • Teaching in both elementary and high school classes
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